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Students are Fired Up for Safety

Students proudly pose with Waxhaw Firefighters

On October the 21st a Waxhaw Fire Department truck visited Waxhaw Elementary pre-k and kindergarten classes. As the fire truck rounded the corner, the students heard the siren.  Brian, from Tricia Zumbo’s class shouted, “It is too loud”. 

Once the truck came to a stop two firefighters jumped down from the truck.  While one talked with the students, the other one donned his firefighter suit. Firefighter McManus demonstrated the purpose of each item of clothing, the mask and the tank. Lydia put the breathing mask on and it made a “whoosh” sound. Her classmates in Eileen Shone’s room all laughed. 

The men explained the use of the tools and the truck itself. Firefighter McManus asked the students,” What number do you call when you need help?” Everyone yelled “911.” Eli told the fireman that if you see smoke get on the ground and crawl out the door. He remembered this from an activity he did in Mrs. Hamilton’s class.  Marcia Phaneuf’s class demonstrated the “Stop, drop and roll” method if you are on fire. 

As a treat, the students were allowed to sit in the cab while listening to the siren.  Grayson put his hands over his ears because the siren was so loud, but he liked being a pretend fireman.  It was a great experience for them!

Written by: Marcia Phaneuf and Kelly Hamilton, Kindergarten teachers
Posted: Nov 18, 2011 by Kimberly Thomas

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