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Giving Thanks

"William Bradford" inviting "Chief Massasoit" to the Thanksgiving Feast.

Mrs. Hoffman's class baked pumpkin bread, homemade butter and a fruit salad.  Mrs. Beane's class made homemade butter, pumpkin pie, and biscuits.  As a treat, the students were able to taste real deer jerky.  Of all the available foods, the deer jerky was the favorite for most students.

The feast started with "William Bradford", of Mrs. Hoffman's class inviting "Chief Massasoit", of Mrs. Beane's class to join them.  Students wore authentic headdresses, tasted various foods and shared what they were thankful for.

The students enjoyed learning how our country began its relations with other nationalities by participating in their Thanksgiving Celebration.

Written by: Terry Anderson and Heather Shulman
Posted: Nov 22, 2011 by Terry Anderson

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