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Ms. Leggett’s Apparel Development class explores the Indian culture

Aarti Shah, Monica Patel, Niyati Patel, and Banisha Patel

 Banisha Patel and Aarti Shah, students in Ms. Leggett’s Apparel Development class, brought a very special presentation to their classmates and some of the faculty members at Weddington High School.  The students were joined by their Mothers, Mrs. Yamini Patel and Mrs. Sonal Shah in a very informative and entertaining look into the Indian culture.  Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Shah displayed Saris, the traditional native dress of India.  Saris are made from approximately six yards of fabric.  They demonstrated the appropriate way to wrap a sari and gave examples of appropriate dress for different occasions.  The wedding saris are made of heavier fabric and are more ornate and unique than daily attire.  They also presented an example of men’s attire.  The Sherwani is the traditional long jacket worn over trousers.   The students were fascinated to learn that a traditional wedding ceremony is a week long event with many planned activities and customs.

Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Shah also had examples of jewelry which is worn with the traditional saris.  For a wedding ceremony, it is customary for the bride to wear gold bangles covering her arms.  The ladies shared that families begin collecting gold jewelry for their daughters when they are first born in preparation for the day when they will marry.  Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Shah presented each student with colorful traditional bangles.

Banish and Arti both wore the the traditional attire for young women which is called a chanyachorie.  Banisha shared a video of her and her sister, Monica Patel, performing a traditional dance at a recent family wedding.  The ladies discussed the importance of family and maintaining close personal ties with extended family members. 

Mrs. Patel and Mrs. Shah surprised the students with a sampling of Indian cuisine.  The students enjoyed various foods including chutney sandwiches and samosas.  Indian foods are unique because of special herbs and spices used in the preparation.

Written by: Sandy Leggett, teacher
Posted: Nov 23, 2011 by Cheryl Edwards

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