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Congrats to Mrs. Houser's class!

Looking wacky, Christina and Ryan!

We got 24 paws, we voted, and wacky day won as our reward!  Our teacher said it was a contest and whoever comes in first would get 80 Houser Bucks!  Whoever came in second would get 60, and whoever came in third would get 40.

McKayla won because she had a chicken made of pipe cleaners on her ear!  She was wearing three shirts and two were tied together.  Her hair was like a unicorn at the top and then another ponytail at the bottom.

Ryan won second place because he was wearing a Jake Delhomme jersey and he took tape and crossed out the 7s on the whole thing.  And he crossed out "Delhomme" and wrote "Newton" on top.  He also had nerd glasses.  Ryan also won second place because he dyed his hair somewhat black.  Ryan wore eye black stickers that looked like a 7 under his left eye.

Christina got third place because she had Minnie Mouse ears on top of her head.  She wasn't matching at all!  She had socks on her hands and called herself Socky Sally.  She had a spider in her hair and she dyed her hair blue.  She had messed up eye shadow on her eyes and highlighter on her face.

Zachary took eye black and made a goatee, and put black under his eyes.  He wore Santa socks, four hats, and all his clothes were inside out.  Devin had pink hair.  Jake and Trevor went "Urkel" by pulling up their pants to their shoulders.  Jessica wore a white shirt, a polka-dot shirt, normal pants, striped socks, and heels.  Adeeyah put her hair up and had a boot on with her pants tucked in and a tennis shoe, and a rainbow shirt and knee-high socks.  Tadd tried to ruin all the fun and didn't dress up at all!  (Haha!)  A couple of boys only turned their sweatshirt around.  Kevin wore his sister's shirt, regular pants, and shorts on top of the pants.

So now you can see how wacky Mrs. Houser's class can be!

Written by: Mrs. Houser's and Ms. Owens' Fifth Grade Classes
Posted: Nov 27, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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