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Partnership Brings School, Church, and Community Together

Staff members Kathryn Williams and Jessica Santana review food shopping plans with Five Stones Church member Starr Topken.

During the month of November, Waxhaw Elementary holds an annual food drive to support families in the community (see accompanying article). This year, thanks to a partnership with Five Stones Church, the food drive was expanded to include an extensive clothing closet as well as additional food items for families. The students and staff collected over 3100 items of food. With additional support from local businesses and members from Five Stones Church, an additional 2500 cans and 50 turkeys were contributed to this outreach event.

“It’s partnerships such as this event with Five Stones Church that allows us to work together to provide opportunities for our children and families. It means the world to us when we have the extra assistance to make the holiday season a better one for some of our families,” said Cheryl Lawrence, principal of Waxhaw.

Thirty three Waxhaw and Western Union families were assisted this year. Each family had the opportunity to shop for food and clothing. In addition, they were provided a deep fried turkey. One mother of a participating family was extremely excited to eat a fried turkey for the first time.

“My family would not have had a Thanksgiving meal without this support,” the mother stated.

Ralph Owen, pastor of Five Stones has been instrumental in creating this partnership with Waxhaw Elementary.

Owen states, “When you look at a strong community you typically see a partnership taking place somewhere. While some would say Waxhaw is a community, we are beginning to see Waxhaw become a stronger community as a result of partnerships between schools, the church and local businesses. Imagine the differences we will see in Waxhaw as our actions become more important than our words when it comes to helping those in need. It is always an honor for Five Stones Church to do her part in serving at the side of Waxhaw Elementary.”

The school staff and the families in the community are very appreciative of this partnership and look forward to working with Five Stones in the future.

Written by: K. Williams and C. Lawrence
Posted: Nov 28, 2011 by Cheryl Lawrence

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