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Third-grade Pen Pals

Third grade letter-writers from left to right: Polo Lopez, Juan Martinez, Itzel Delaluz, Jose Diaz, Alexis Villa, Yazmyn Guillen, Yaned Garcia and Anayeli Chavez.

Students in Laura Epting's third grade ESL class learned how to write friendly letters and then used this information to write to another student in their class. After the letters were written, the class took a "walking field trip" to a local post office box and mailed their own letters. During the walk, the students wore pedometers to keep track of the number of steps they took. Upon returning, students not only wrote about their trip but were able to use the pedometers to incorporate math skills by determining the median, mode and mean of the steps taken by themselves as well as their walking partner during the field trip. These third graders expanded their vocabularies and learned life skills during the walking trip, including how to send a letter, buy stamps, identify safe areas and how to safely cross busy streets. A few days later, there was another exciting event when they each received a letter from one of their classmates after checking the mail at home!

Written by: Laura Epting. ESL Instructor
Posted: Nov 28, 2011 by Lisa Bush

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