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North Carolina Children's Book Award

Students are anxious to read nominated books

Students visit the Media Center at Rocky River with their class for lessons and checkout twice every three weeks. At the beginning of the second 6 weeks, we launched our book introductions containing the current nominees of the North Carolina Children Book Award books.

For grades 3-5, each title is introduced to the class in the form of a book talk. We then visit the author website together, talk about what other titles by this author might be in our collection, and introduce some of the concepts included in the story line. Students are given an opportunity, at a later class date, to explore the author websites in the form of a scavenger hunt questionnaire.

In grades K-2, each picture book is read to the class, related books by the author are shared, and reminders on how to search for books using our online catalog are demonstrated. In addition, a related activity might be included.
With all grade levels, the idea that a book is interesting and enjoyable is passed along to further instill the joy of reading in all students.

When all books have been introduced and opportunity for students to read them has been provided, all classes will vote for their very favorite. This will take place in late March. We will then send the results of our school favorite to Raleigh to be tabulated along with all other school choices so the 2011-12 NCCBA winning book can be announced.

Written by: Nancy Yurek
Posted: Nov 29, 2011 by Terry Anderson

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