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Interactive Boards Enhance Preschool Learning

At the Promethean board, Jessica Santana helps Zeke use the pen to move his name to the column on the graph to show his classmates how he feels.

This month has been very exciting for the preschool students in Jessica Santana’s and Meredith Jones’  classes at Waxhaw Elementary.  Their classes  received portable Promethean boards and data projectors, which will allow enriched learning opportunities for the students.

Use of the Promethean board is integrated in all three circle times throughout the day.  Each day the students are able to use this interactive technology and a variety of programs that enhance their learning outcomes. As seen in the accompanying photo, Jessica Santana is helping Zeke move his name to the column on the graph showing his classmates how he feels. All of the students  enjoy going up to the board and making different actions happen with the use of the special pen.  They are able to move items, make items appear, and create different pictures and words on the board.  

In addition to using the Promethean board during circle times, the preschoolers have listened and watched books on Bookflix, zoomed in and viewed their homes through exploration on GoogleEarth, listened to music, and actively participated in online games and activities. 

Use of the data projector is also improving instruction and learning.

"We are able to use the data projector to enlarge the viewing of regular books so that all students can view the print clearly.  Using enlarged pictures, students can more easily identify similarities and differences between them,” said Mrs.  Santana.  “We are so excited with all of the things we have been able to do so far with our technology.  Students are excited about interacting with technology, and we look forward to exploring other ideas in the coming months!"

Written by: Jessica Santana, Preschool Teacher
Posted: Nov 30, 2011 by Kimberly Thomas

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