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Hemby Bridge First Grade Class writes letters to US Soldier in Iraq

Students display their letters that they wrote to the soldier stationed in Iraq.
Ms. Slowiaczek's class along with all of the first grade classes have been learning how to write letters.  We have studied the purpose for writing letters, the parts of a letter, and writing to specific people. We decided to write to a specific person.  We chose to write letters to a soldier through the organization Adopt a US Soldier.  We have adopted a US soldier who is stationed in Iraq.  The children were thrilled when she wrote me an e-mail asking the students questions and telling us all about what she does and all of the pets she has back home.  We sent our letters off this past week.  The students were so excited to be able to correspond with a real live soldier.  We looked at where Iraq is located on the map and talked about how our soldier is serving our country and keeping us safe. 
Students thought it was very cool when our soldier told us that although Iraq is a desert it rains almost every day! One students asked if she fights in the rain.  Another wanted to tell our soldier that he loves camouflage and thinks its cool.  Still another made a connection because his dad was in the Coast Guard. The entire class was interested in her marital status!
We are looking forward to her response to our letters.

Written by: Jenna Slowiaczek, First Grade Teacher
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 by Carrie Thompson

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