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International Teaching at Rocky River

Ms. Adams and her second grade class

Rocky River is paving the way by participating in the Visiting International Faculty, V.I.F., program.  The V.I.F. program places international teachers in U.S. schools, mostly in North Carolina. VIF’s usually work and live in the sponsoring countries for approximately 2 years due to work visa restrictions and/or school participating school contracts.

Nicole Adams is Rocky Rivers VIF.  She was born in Trenton, Ontario, Canada and has lived and taught in England, Uganda, New Zealand, and Canada.   This is Ms. Adams first year as a VIF in the U.S.  She says her favorite thing about being a VIF teacher is having the opportunity to live in other countries and really experience the culture.  She has made great friends all over the world.

Ms. Adams has had the opportunity to see many ways cultures and countries differ but has been surprised by the similarities as well.  She has enjoyed witnessing how passionate people are about their culture and their willingness to share it with others.  Her passion is giving children the chance to learn more about the world and helping fuel their curiosity about the world in which we live.

One of Ms. Adams hobbies is hiking.  She would like to hike part of the Appalachian Trail and the Grand Canyon while here in the U.S.  She also enjoys soccer and has joined a soccer league here in Charlotte.  Some of the exciting things she has been able to experience is camping out in African countries while listening to lions roaring in the background.  She has also been within feet of a leopard and seen a variety of exotic animals while on safari.

We are very excited about having Ms. Adams here at Rocky River.  She is sharing her global experience with many grade levels and helping to pave the way for our students and staff….globally.

Written by: Terry Anderson
Posted: Dec 06, 2011 by Terry Anderson

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