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Namaste, India! Let's Learn Yoga!

Mrs. Dave teaches us yoga.

For the whole month of November, our school entrenched itself in the Indian culture.  One of the activities was the teaching of yoga to our students.  A parent of two students in our school, Mrs. Kruti Dave, taught yoga to all the classes in PE.  She introduced the basic steps of yoga and some of its history.  She also taught us how to say "Namaste", which is a formal greeting in India.  

Mrs. Dave grew up doing yoga with her beloved Grandpa from a very young age.  "It was part of a morning ritual for us.  He would do the handstand (a free standing on both hands).  He would then walk in that position effortlessly!  My dad was great at all the postures.  His favorite was the head stand!  One of my uncles mastered all kinds of breathing and cleansing techniques.  So, it was definitely a family affair, and I am proud to say it still is, as my husband is as good at all of them!" Mrs. Dave said.

Mrs. Dave taught the students that yoga is a powerful word.  She tried to underscore the importance of connecting the concept of "breath" to all the wonderful Gators.  "Your 'Prana' (breath) is the only thing you need to recharge.  Stay connected with the 'rhythm' of your breath.  It creates a melody between your thoughts and actions.  This harmony between the 'inner you' and the 'outer you' will take your breath away... You are in tune with yourself, "Mrs. Dave explained.

"Yoga is a 'Sanskrit" word with the root "YUJ", which means to unite or to harness.  The yoga that most of us know as "postures and breathing techniques" is only ONE limb out of the EIGHT limbs of ASHTANGA yoga.  Ashta (eight) anga (limb) means the eight limbs of yoga," Mrs. Dave told us.  These eight limbs emphasize self-restraint, commitment to study, the physical postures (aasana), breathing, control of the five senses, concentration, meditation, and peace.  So, yoga is essentially a way of life that can help us live in harmony with the world around us.  Cecilia Laughlin, a 5th grader, said that "Yoga is a relaxing exercise that makes you feel refreshed.  I learned a lot!"

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist and Mrs. Kruti Dave, parent
Posted: Dec 08, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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