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PWMS Students Skype to Germany

Mrs. James' student skype a fellow student in Germany

On Thursday, December 8th, Mrs. James’ math class took on an international flavor. They Skyped with one of her former math students, and their former classmate, Olivia Speck, who is now living in Europe. Her family moved to Austria after 6th grade to take a new assignment with Wycliffe (JAARS). After going to an Austrian school for 7th grade, this year Olivia entered Black Forest Academy in Germany for 8th grade. Since her parents are still in Austria, she is living in a dorm there.

The class had worked hard to come up with some questions to ask Olivia. Some of the things they wanted to know were, “What types of things are you learning in your school?”, “Is the food different?”, “Do you have McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A?”, “What math are you studying?”, “Do students take their education more seriously there?”, and “Do you have to wear a uniform?”

We learned that the school is an international school using an American curriculum, so in many ways it is similar to ours. She is studying algebra just like our class is, and they have lots of McDonald’s restaurants, but no Chick-Fil-As. She said that the scenery there is just like a movie scene with little cottages, lots of greenery, and mountains in the background. Her favorite food over there was meat on a stick (shishkebob) from a Turkish restaurant. She told us that most students do take their education more seriously and, no, they don’t have to wear uniforms.

Overall, it was a very mind-expanding experience as we were able to see Olivia and her dorm room while talking to her. We hope to do it again sometime.

Written by: Virginia James. Math Teacher
Posted: Dec 08, 2011 by Lisa Chapman

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