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New Faces at Porter Ridge

Our exchange students from Norway, France, Italy, and Japan.

Overwhelming, nervous, excited, scared. These are a few of the words that all four foreign exchange students would use to describe the feeling when they first arrived in America.

Ari Kagawa, a senior from Japan; said that “It was tough living in America for the first time because you basically have to start a new life without your family or friends, and even though people in America are so nice, there is still that large language barrier that you have to break down.”

Globalization was the goal when Porter Ridge made the decision to team up with organizations such as the International Exchange Service and accept four foreign exchange students from Japan, Norway, Italy, and France.

When asking the students how they feel about being in a different country, you get fluctuating responses. Although they all enjoy it here, not surprisingly, they do miss their family and friends back home. Anette Haug, a senior from Norway, says that she “doesn’t want to leave because when she comes back to visit in the near future, she is afraid that everything will have changed.”

Exchange Students get in the spirit!

Our exchange students show their Pirate spirit!

Written by: Nathan Oakley, Yearbook Staff member
Posted: Dec 08, 2011 by April Dawkins

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