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Ms. Keziah's international class

One activity that Ms. Keziah's class did was to make international students. They did this by first looking to see where their shirts were made. Then, they wrote the country their shirts were made in on a sticky note and placed in on the world map. Ms. Keziah lead discussions about which countries were far away and close by. Students had to think critically about how these clothes got to the stores in the United States.
After this, students got with a partner and traced themselves on paper. They then colored and drew their face and hair to make it look realistic. After making themselves, the students got their sticky note off the map and placed it on their shirt. Then we had international students.
When you come to visit Ms. Keziah's first grade class on the door you will see, Ms. Keziah's International Class!


Written by: Christy Keziah, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 09, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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