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E-Y-E-L-E-T is the Winning Word for Steven Wines

2011 Spelling Bee Winners - Isaiah Harris participant; Steven Wines, 1st Place; and Sam Robinson, 2nd Place.

5th grade student Steven Wines, spelled his way through 14 rounds to become the Western Union Elementary 2011 Spelling Bee Champion.  Over the last few weeks, each 3rd - 5th grade class had a Spelling Bee.  The top two students from each class were on center stage Friday, December 9.  They were cheered on by their classmates, family and friends. 

Frugal....beaming ... serious ... trio ...wardrobe ... ransom ... feeble....were just a few of the words that were spelled correctly.  After several rounds, the final four - Amy Harris, Peyton McDonald, Sam Robinson, and Steven Wines - wowed the audience with their spelling knowledge. 

Mr. Joshua Roskoskey, WUES Spelling Bee Coordinator, was impressed with how each student took the time to study and prepare for the bee. 

Students partiicipating were:  Landon Batten, Peyton McDonald, Taniyah Butler, Rylee Ramirez, Kyle Miller, JacksonRandall, Jeremy Batton, Dakota Manus, Haily Kranwinkel, Chelsea Quintero, Carson Davis, Kaleb Tyson, Will Crocker, Sam Robinson, Isaiah Harris, Steven Wines, Cameron East, Alexa Mandel, Destiny Deese, Amya Walls, Amy Harris and Bailey Johnson.


Written by: Carrie Johnson
Posted: Dec 12, 2011 by Carrie Johnson

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