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An Indian Dance Performance

Kavitha performs for the school.

 To enhance our November India lessons and learn more about India, Antioch was proud to have a junior at Charlotte Latin School, Kavitha Eechambadi, perform some authenic Indian dance items to our third-fifth grade students.  Kavitha came to the school on November 18th and performed the Indian classical dance 'Bharatnatyam'.  

This is one of the seven most widely learned classical dances of India.  The dancer depicts the main character in the story by using articulate hand gestures called "Mudra" and facial expressions called "Abhinaya".  Most dance items incorporate intense footwork known as "nritta".  

Kavitha is an excellent student at Charlotte Latin and loves to play field hockey.  She also enjoys playing violin and flute.  Kavitha has trained vigorously for 6-7 years and learned many dance items to earn her graduation cerfticate in 2009.

A dance item is one piece of a poem or story.  She performed two dance items at our school.  An item is a technical term in the classical dance world.  To graduate, a dancer has to have learned at least 7-10 dance items.  The first item Kavitha performed for us was  in praise of Krishna.  The second item she performed depicted a devotee who sang prasies of Rama.  

Mrs. Kruti Dave, a parent of Rucheer and Utkarsh at Antioch, described the dances while Kavitha was performing them to the audience.  Kruti, herself, started learning the "Kuchipudi" dance form since she was six years old.  Her graduation recital was held in October 1986 in India.  "All Indian dance forms originated in ancient temples, so it has a spiritual component to it.  As a dancer I am depicting all the glorious qualities a human life should honor and practice.  It is very special.  Dance is also yoga.  Once on the stage, you are in total harmony with yourself.  It is blissful," Mrs. Dave stated.

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist, and Kruti Dave, parent
Posted: Dec 12, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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