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Christmas Around the World

Students in Mrs. Strauch’s class recently completed their reports on how countries around the world celebrate during Christmas time. The students researched their country and created a poster to go along with their research.

The students were able to inform their classmates of some of the traditions that are associated with their country. Julianna Francis, a third grader in Mrs. Strauch’s class, told her classmates that in Holland the kids leave their shoes out to be filled with small toys and treats. Gabby Boley learned that in China St. Nichols is called Dun Che Lae Ren. Evan Younker informed his class that in France families eat a traditional chocolate cake called a Yule Log.

Overall, the students enjoyed creating their posters and learning more about a different country. Lanie Mullowney said, “I thought it was fun to find all the facts about our country and share what we learned with our class.“ 

Student Projects

Written by: Liz Strauch, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Dec 15, 2011 by Janice Deane

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