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5th Grade is Keeping an Eye on Brazil

The 5th grade students at Prospect Elementary have been studying about Brazil. Mrs. Jodi Bunn, from JAARS, who lived in Brazil for 17 years, came to speak to the students on November 15 and December 12. The first time Mrs. Bunn came, she spoke to the students about the animals and plants that are located in the Amazon Brazilian rainforest.

The students learned about the many different animals, such as snakes, piranha, alligators, crocodiles, spiders, leopards, spider monkeys, and many more. Some interesting animals that the students learned about were the pink, blue, and gray dolphins and the capybara, a large rodent in Brazil. The students also learned about the poisonous dart frog and how the Native American people use the poison to create darts to kill animals. They also use the poisonous darts to kill fish. At the end of this presentation, the students were allowed to pet a mounted piranha, named Pete, that was once alive.

The second time Mrs. Bunn came, she taught the students about the Native American tribes that live in Brazil. The Native American people hunt for their food. They paint their faces red when they go out to hunt. To them, the color red stands for achievement, blood, and happiness.

Sometimes they also paint black symbols on their face to represent that they are a strong warrior. The color black can also represent death and power. They create their own blowguns from wood in order to shoot their poisonous darts. Sometimes the blowguns are as tall as they are. The children, from a very young age, are also allowed to use these blowguns along with machetes and knives. They also make bows, arrows, and spears to hunt with.

These Native Americans carry bananas on their backs and wear animal skins for their clothing. They perform dances to make “the spirits” happy so that it will rain, for protection from wild animals, and to have good crops. They sleep on hammocks in their huts or houses on stilts. Some houses may be on stilts in order to keep the many insects from entering their home. Also so that wild animals may not enter or that their home will not flood. Their homes may not have walls.

The 5th grade students have learned many facts, so far, about Brazil. They are looking forward to Mrs. Bunn’s next two visits in the spring.

Written by: Miss. Jacobsen's 5th Grade Class
Posted: Dec 16, 2011 by Airen Hartis

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