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International Fair Takes Students Around the World

Our school held an International Fair on December 14, where parents and other grade levels were invited to participate in games, songs, and presentations on many countries of the world.

Kindergarten learned about Canada. Mrs. Tirpak's class had 2 Canadian snacks, ketchup chips and smarties, for students and parents to sample. Ms. Chowning's class took visitors to Niagara Falls where they rode " The Maid of the Mist". The Canadian national anthem was sung by Mrs. Romanow's class and then they talked about the provinces and territories. Finally, visitors went to the Quebec winter carnival in Ms. Mullins’ room where they played games and went inside the Ice Hotel.

First grade researched Russia. Each class covered a different topic.... food, clothing, holidays and Russian activities.

Second Grade studied and presented Australia. Each class had students do research on the animals found, games they play, their flag and geography and how they celebrate their holiday. Did you know it is summer time in Australia at Christmas so they are not in school? Second grade made Christmas cards with our visiting first grade class and we are mailing them to an elementary school in Australia.

The Third Grade chose the continent of South America and then proceeded to select one country to focus on and research. The students were placed into 4 groups: Food, Sports, Places of Interest and Holidays/Traditions.

Fifth grade studied the United Kingdom. Students created carnival games that allowed participants to interact with the game while learning fun facts about the U.K.


Written by: April Phillips
Posted: Dec 19, 2011 by April Phillips

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