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Writing "all about books" in second grade

In November, the second grade classes worked on writing All About Books. Each student identified the topics he/she knew a lot about and then selected one topic to be the focus of their book. Many different topics were listed and considered during the planning process. Students recorded all that they knew about their topic then talked to a partner about their ideas and information they would include in their books.

Students spent time writing and revising the various sections of their books. These sections included a diagram, information, fun facts, how to do something related to their topic, and different kinds of things related to their topic. They collaborated with their partners and teacher to make decisions about what to include, revise or leave out. It was a lot of fun to find out what topics held the students’ interest and which ones they knew well enough to use as a focus for their writing.

At the end of the unit, the class shared their books with another second grade class! The class had fun sharing their books with Mrs. McClain’s students and reading her students’ books. Mrs. McClain and Mrs. Pope even shared their all about books too! What a great way to celebrate a fun unit!



Written by: Cindy Pope, 2nd grade teacher
Posted: Jan 02, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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