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Kindergarten Classes Celebrate the Holiday Season

Kindergarten students show off the Scottish style tartans they made during their 'global' visits to several classrooms.

During the month of December the kindergarten classes at Porter Ridge learned how some countries celebrate Christmas and the holiday season. On December 13, they had a special day devoted to this. First, the classes learned how Israel celebrates Hanukkah. They made a traditional food, potato latkes. Then, with replica passports in hand, they traveled around to each of the five classrooms to engage in learning activities about specific countries.

One stop on their passport was Italy, in Ms. O’Gorman’s classroom. Students learned about the map of Italy and how it is shaped like a “boot”. Then they tried their hands at coloring while lying on their backs, somewhat like the famous Italian artist Michelangelo did.

In Ms. Abernethy’s classroom, students learned about a wonderful Christmas tradition in Argentina, in which they light “globos”, colorful paper balloons that take off into the sky when lit from inside. Students had a great time making their own paper balloon crafts to resemble globos.

The next stop was Ms. Robbins’s room, where children worked on beading because South Africans are known for their beadwork.

Another stop was Mrs. Abee’s classroom. Students learned that Norway is the birthplace of the holiday tradition of the Yule log. Students ate snacks which represented the Yule log.

The last stop was Mrs. Scott’s classroom, where students learned about the Scottish Highland dress. Each group of students made kilts with a specific plaid pattern to represent their class. They also made bonnets with a matching tartan, learning that each Scottish clan has its own tartan.

With our school’s emphasis on globalization, our kindergarten teachers felt it was important to find hands-on ways for students to learn about other countries around the world. This one day excursion certainly did that!

Written by: Judy Scott and Penny Tomberlin
Posted: Jan 05, 2012 by Carol Blackwelder

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