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History in Wax

Taylor Merrell, left, and Ty Webb, both fourth-graders at Fairview Elementary, portray Civil War soldiers. (RICK CRIDER/Enquirer-Journal)

Last Friday, 4th Grade Students at Fairview Elementary were transformed into famous historical figures. Recently, all students have researched and/or read biographical texts to gain knowledge on how these people have impacted our society. They were challenged to summarize important events in their characters life, create a timeline (sequencing the most important events), and create a bio-poem using inferences.

Students were lined up in their chosen wax pose throughout the school and each grade level toured the temporary museum. Along with interesting costumes and artifacts, students created interesting fact poster highlighting the characters life.

(The article below is reprinted with permission from the Enquirer Journal)

The fourth-grade class at Fairview Elementary dressed up Friday as the historical figures they have been studying all year and created a wax museum for other students and parents to see.

The roughly 109 fourth graders lined the library and the hallways dressed as famous people, some from the history books and some from modern times.

Barack Obama, Amelia Earhart, Mary Lou Retton, Harriet Tubman, Harry Houdini, Pocahontas, Jackie Robinson, Leonardo DaVinci and Gustave Eiffel were a few of the familiar faces that lined the halls of Fairview. The students had placards next to them with names and facts about their notable person.

“They have loved it,” Mindy Jenkins, a fourth-grade teacher at Fairview, said.

Jenkins said that the students have read books, made presentations, written papers, created timelines and studied the people they portrayed. They conducted interviews where they had to speak as their figure. She said they try to tie it in with how people have made a difference, so that students understand why people are famous.

There were two Leonardo DaVincis in the hallway. One of them, Garret Brindle, liked the beard he was wearing, though the mustache kept falling off.

“I like painting and I like drawing,” Brindle said. So he was interested in learning more about DaVinci.

A group of girls portrayed olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton.

Most of them said that they chose her because they were interested in the sport or they took gymnastics classes.

Grace Danison said she was interested in gymnastics and thought Retton would be inspirational.

The fourth-grade class has been doing this for the last five years.

Jenkins said the kids look forward to creating the wax museum and learning about their chosen people.

Written by: Richard Wikfors, AIG teacher
Enquirer Journal Article by: Carolyn Steeves, EJ Reporter
Posted: Jan 10, 2012 by Richard Wikfors

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