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India is Such an Interesting Country!

Our wonderful Indian parents, Coach Ski, and Mrs. Robinson.

  For the month of November, and some of December, our school was entrenched in learning about India.  Through the work of our school's globalization committee and the leadership of a parent, Mrs. Kruti Dave, our school studied the culture of India.  We learned yoga, saw an Indian dance performance, learned about the school system, some of its history, and also learned about some of their holiday traditions.  

The Antioch staff was also blessed with several Indian families cooking a delicious meal for us after school one day.   One of our teachers, Mrs. Catherine Bensch, modeled how to dress in a sari for us, with the guidance of a parent, Mrs. Chellani.  The media center was decorated from one side of the library to the other in Indian decor.  Also during the broadcast, we learned about the styles of music India is known to listen to, along with some videos on the different ways children can attend school there.

Different classrooms also had special presentations in their class by various parents that taught about the Indian culture.  Our special area teachers also contributed to the various events.  Our very own Coach Ski had her hands painted to show the classes all about Mehndi, and our art teacher, talked about Diwali and the traditions of India.  Last, but not least, several Indian families set up a table at Antioch's Family Fun Night on Dec. 2 to talk about India and its culture.  

Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specalist
Posted: Jan 10, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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