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Raising the Flag!

The American Legion Post 440 in New Salem, North Carolina visited Fairview Elementary today April 22, 2010 to discuss and train 5th grade students on proper Flag raising procedures. The students were shown how to properly fold the flag, how to handle the flag, how to raise and lower the flag, they were also given handouts that explained the meaning of each fold when the flag was being folded up. Most of the students were unaware, as are most citizens that these folds actually stand for something significant in our countries history. These students were selected by their teachers because of their constant display of good behavior. Here is a list of the students that were present: Cody K., Emma D., Joe C., Garrett J., Ben B., Brendon H., Jesse B., and Kyle K.; also our school principal Kelly Thomas and our assistant principal Jennifer Deaton. The students will all begin a daily schedule of raising and lowering the flag now that they have been formally trained. The Legionairres that were present: Ronnie Baucom Post Commander; Rondal Purser, Arnold Price, Mike Glasco, and Larry Tarleton. These fine gentlemen work with this organization to help educate our community on civic issues and they participate in numerous community service projects that is directed by the American Legion Post. All these gentlemen were Veterans of War, which makes them eligible to be members of this organization. This is something that they volunteer their time for. We were very proud to have them come to our school today to assist in this worthy project. Our hopes for our students and the hopes of the American Legion is for these students to become respectful members of society and remember that our freedom did come at a very valuble price.

Written by: Richard Wikfors
Posted: Apr 28, 2010 by Richard Wikfors

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