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Third Grade Performance a Hit!

Looking good!

The third graders had an amazing performance!  We tried our very best and we received our goal!  We practiced a lot and it took a couple of weeks, but we made it!

Most of the jokes were very cheesy, but the audience still laughed.  The music was a little hard, but we did it!  The dance was funny and creative.  The jokes were easy to remember.  For the audience, it was so funny that the teachers cracked up!  Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Wallace were crying!

One of the songs was only about fifty seconds long, and one was repeated from when we were little.  We all sang happily.  The narrators did a great job!  Everybody was cracking up when Darian did his part being the guy who had jelly beans in his pocket.  It was the third graders' best performance ever!

Written by: Mrs. Rogers' Third Grade Class
Posted: Jan 16, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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