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Fifth Grade Scientists!

Fifth Graders in Mrs. Pam Smith’s Science classes recently put their problem-solving skills to work as they developed their very own Rube Goldberg Machines. Students developed these machines as a culmination to their Physics unit in Science.

The project assignment included creating a machine that contained at least 3 simple machines and accomplished a named task. Students were required to explain how the machine worked using the 3 Laws of Motion and physics vocabulary. The students showed a great deal of perseverance as they worked on these machines. The great test came as they showed off their machines to other classes in the building.

Students were also allowed to choose an alternate project to create a “concept car”. This project required that the student design, create and test a toy car that could accomplish a named task. Students had to apply their knowledge of physics to insure the car functioned as intended.

Written by: Pam Smith, Fifth grade teacher
Posted: Jan 17, 2012 by Jeff Aten

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