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Highlights of 2011

Mackenzie, Francis, Abigail and Kaitlin showing their newspapers.

 The 4th graders had to recall their most memorable moments of 2011 in a recent writing assignment.  Memories collected included summer fun, celebrating the holidays, playing with friends, an exciting sporting event and much more.  The students compiled these memories and put them in newspaper form.  We have included writing samples from 4 different students who wrote about their memories from 2011.

The Blow Up by Mackenzie Townsend.  Mackenzie sat in her chair very impatient. Can we go now?  How about now? She pleaded to her mother.  Mackenzie was waiting to go to the blow up place, Monkey Joe's.  Alright, alright we will go in two seconds.  Just let me get my shoes on.  Sitting in the car before we leave her mother inquired do you have socks?  OH MY GOODNESS she stomped off to go and get socks.  Finally arriving Mackenzie finished all the rides before 10 minutes.

New Haircut by Francis Aguilar.  Francis's mom wanted Francis to get a short haircut.  Francis said "I don't want to get a new haricut".  Franciss mom said "You have to your hair is to long."  Francis and her mom went.  Francis waited and said "Is it my turn yet?".  Francis mom said "No".  Then finally it was Francis turn to go get her hair cut.  Francis was patient and the woman who cut Francis  hair did Francis hair really pretty.  Francis was shocked.  Francis loved it so much.

Wax Museum by Kaitlin Gonzalez.  In Mrs. Holland's writing class the students got to portray any famous person.  Kaitlin who has studied about Helen Keller wanted to know more about her teacher.  Anne Sullivan.  She was amazed to learn many things about her.  One day she dressed in long blues kirt and white blouse.  She even go to wear her long hair up in a bun.  She also wore dark sunglasses.  She proudly stood up and told her story to some curious 2nd graders.

Too Many Puppies by Abigail Hickes.  In the summer of 2011 Abigails dog had 9 puppies!  They ripped holes in your pants, chewed your shoes, and chased you!  Most of her friends didn't come over for weeks after they met these playful puppies.

All the 4th grade students did an amazing job with recalling their own special moments of 2011.  We are very proud of all they have accomplished.


Written by: Heather Shulman
Posted: Jan 20, 2012 by Heather Shulman

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