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4th Graders Learn About Other Countries With 6-Week Projects

At the beginning of the year, each fourth grade student chose a country in which to study during the school year.  Throughout the year, students will have 5 projects to complete about their chosen country.  They complete different projects each 6-weeks that have a curricular tie with a Social Studies or Science unit of study.

For the third 6-weeks, students were challenged to create an animal that was able to meet its needs and had the physical and behavioral adaptations to survive in their country of study.  Students made a 3-D model of their animal and also completed a visual aid to use for their classroom presentation. 

All fourth graders participated in a "gallery walk" to view the projects of students in all five of the fourth grade classes. They also presented their research and the model of the original animal they created to their classmates.

These projects were amazing and really demonstrated all that was learned during the Science animal adaptations unit. 

Written by: Makayla Samson, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 24, 2012 by Marni Menkin

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