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BHESA students participate in ‘Great Mail Race’

The students started the process by answering the questionnaire. Students shown here are now typing their letters, getting them ready to send to another school.

Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts fifth-grade students are participating in “The Great Mail Race.”

“We are so excited and think it is an exceptional opportunity to share and communicate with other fifth graders around the United States,” said Robin Pettit, the school’s computer technology instructor. “A fifth-grade classroom from New York invited us to participate in this idea, and we were thrilled to accept.”

The concept is to fill out a simple questionnaire about the students’ school. The questions are basic and include such things as the school’s population, the local climate, school hours and the arts. “They also asked about our favorite subjects here at Benton Heights School of the Arts.” Pettit said.

After the questionnaire is completed, the students go to the computer lab and write a letter on the computer, using the questionnaire as a guideline. With assistance of the teacher, the students can pick any state but North Carolina.

Students choose a fifth-grade class in their chosen state and send their letter. The class that receives that student’s letter will also receive the instructions as to how to pass on the letter to another class in another state. Those students will also send a response back to BHES.

“The students are not only sharing information about our school, but are also able to learn about students and schools in other states,” Pettit said. “This also allows the students to improve their computer knowledge, keyboarding and writing skills.”


Written by: Robin Pettit, BHES Computer Technology Instructor
Posted: Jan 25, 2012 by Robin Pettit

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