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TGIF: Think Global, It's Friday

Third grade classes are proud to have implemented Worldly Wise Wednesdays and TGIF Friday's into their curriculum. Each week, one student presents about a global issue/current event. The best part is that they present as a newscaster, sometimes even dressed up and of course they have the microphone and all! The students come prepared with visuals such as posters or technology resources. They are also required to complete an 'investigation' form which includes many comprehension skills from their reading/research such as making predictions, drawing conclusions and locating facts and details. Of course, part of their newscast includes locating their country on a map and a globe. The presentation concludes with the broadcaster asking questions which they have created for their audience. A photo is taken and hung proudly beside their news report.
     Third graders are enjoying doing the teaching and learning from each other about their world in a fun and creative way as well as developing technology, Social Studies, reading and writing skills.

Third grade is going global in a great way!

Written by: Laura Shockley
Posted: Jan 25, 2012 by Cassie Sloop

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