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All about Exceptional Children

To date it takes ten teachers from grades one through five and a caseworker/interventionist to make the Exceptional Childrens' Resource program a successful intervention for struggling learners. Three reading programs, one math curriculum, and Writers' Workshop are reread, recalculated, and rewritten throughout the day.

New to Resource is the Leveled Literacy Intervention program, LLI. Students in grades 1.2.and 3 have been building personal libraries, while gaining practice in fluency, comprehension, word work and phonics. Room 510 is filled with charts of word families, consonant clusters, and word endings just to name a few of the lessons from the green and blue programs. Most importantly, students are excited about reading their next book.

Although writing is a component of LLI, Writers' Workshop is the primary writing program of the curriculum. Researching other countries is our Global Initiative and students have expanded their knowledge of the world around them. Mentor texts have also broadened their knowledge of other cultures and traditions. Research has been a significant contributor to the many writing pieces drafted and edited.

Finally, the day would not be complete without a math mountain, tens' frame, or a super problem solver calculating the degrees of an acute angle. From basic math to algebra, teams work together to capture the title of problem solver of the week.


Written by: Catherine Kennedy, EC Teacher
Posted: Jan 26, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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