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Fourth Grade Wax Museum

Reed G. made a great looking Benjamin Franklin!

On January 25, Sardis' fourth grade put on a wax museum starting at 8:30 and ending at 10:30.  This was an awesome wax museum but if you ever went to a live one, it was different from an actual wax museum.  It took place in the Sardis media center.  It was a fun and creative thing to do!  We did it because we wanted to show people about real people who changed the world.  We were in the biography unit and we wanted to bring it to life!

We first learned about our people that we got to choose and wrote down facts about them.  After we gathered our information, we had to make a timeline of the person's life.  We put our facts in our notebook to transfer to our index card for our speech.  In our speech, we wrote a brief retell of their life but put ourselves in the character's shoes.  Our teacher said we could make props for our person, like a star or button for someone to press.  If we wanted, we could bring more than one prop.  She told us to bring clothes to make it look like the person we were doing.

Everyone was nervous and shy when the wax museum was about to happen.  We were standing up as the kids were walking around and asking questions.  Lots of kids from all grades came to the wax museum.  There were a lot of kids who came up to everyone that we had to read to!  At the end of our wax museum, we were all exhausted and felt like we wanted to faint!

Written by: Mrs. Siler's and Mrs. Sutton's Fourth Grade Classes
Posted: Jan 29, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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