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Fun in the computer lab

This year in the Computer Lab, students have been working on Keyboarding Skills and proper hand placement. They are concentrating on accuracy and then speed. They have learned that if they use proper hand placement, the speed will come. 

 Kindergarten and First Grade students are learning to log on the computer using their password. They are doing a great job with this skill. Some of these classes are beginning to study Home Row keys and proper hand placement. 
We are all so EXCITED that we are receiving 26 new Dell computers for the Computer Lab. We hope to have them installed in the next few weeks. As soon as that is completed, grades 3 – 5 will begin studying Word, Excel and Power Point. The students all seem to be excited this year and eager to learn the computer.


Written by: Beth Wallace, Computer Lab Teacher
Posted: Jan 30, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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