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South Africa Comes to Antioch

The Christians speak about South Africa.

This month, our school has been studying about South Africa.  Last week, we had a real treat at our staff meeting.  The parents of fifth grade VIF teacher, Renski Christians', delivered fascinating tales of their life in South Africa.  Ms. Christians' parents were born and raised in South Africa and stayed there to have their children.  They moved to New Zealand when Ms. Christians was nine.   

Mrs. Christians talked about her life as a teacher in South Africa and the differences she sees in teaching in New Zealand.  She also reviewed the colors and meaning of the new South African flag.  She even wore the colors of the flag in her clothing!  Mr. Christians spoke about life during the apartheid and the struggle for equality, even after the apartheid was dissolved.

The Christians showed a PowerPoint presentation that was mostly about the apartheid and it gave a vivid description to the staff about the true struggles that existed during that time in South Africa's history.  

Mr. and Mrs. Christians came over from New Zealand to spend a month with Ms. Christians while she is here in the states.  Besides missing their daughter, they say they will miss their trips to Walmart the most when they return to New Zealand.  They ended up treating the staff with a cornucopia of South African food.  It was enjoyed by all!


Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Jan 30, 2012 by Kathy Gwinn

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