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Benton Heights Performs with CATA Dance Academy

Students are practicing their dance before leaving for CATA. Although they are excited, they are also anxious about the croud.

“Our 5th Graders here at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts (BHEA) were ecstatic when we were asked to perform at Central Academy of Technology & Arts(CATA),” said Frank Casstevens, art coordinator. “We were asked to perform Friday evening, January 27th, with the Dance Academy.”

CATA performed their production of “Ged’s Journey” based on the novel “Wizard of Earth Sea” by Ursula K Le Guin under the direction of Ms. Bianca Morgan. The performance showcased the academy’s Levels I through IV dance students with over 40 dancers.

Our 5th graders performed “Winter Tales” a production we did earlier this year in December. BHESA performed their segment of the African dance from “Beatrice’s Goat” with the Dance IV class using Orff accompaniment and dancers. This African portion from this program was the kick off for our Heifer International fundraiser which ends February 3rd.

BHESA performance included a 14 piece Orff and percussion group directed by Mr. James Wagner, music teacher. The 13 cast of dancers were directed and choreographed by Ms. Christina Lohry, dance teacher.

“This was a great experience, and opportunity for all of the students that took the stage in their auditorium,” according to Mr. Casstevens. “We are so grateful to CATA for being our partner high school in the arts and for opening their doors to us.” “I believe that everyone truly enjoyed the experience.”

BHESA are also looking at other arts exchanges between our schools such as a dance teacher exchange for one week and their students attending our Broadway production in March of this year. Our special thanks to all the parents and staff who made this evening possible and to Ms. Morgan and the CATA administration and faculty for our collaboration on this program.

Written by: Robin Pettit, Computer Technology Instructor
Posted: Jan 31, 2012 by Robin Pettit

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