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Lifelong Fitness Begins in Fitness Lab

Fitness Lab Instructor, Mrs. Kutsy, works with a group of students.

In order to improve the health and wellness of our students, we at Waxhaw have a renewed focus on fitness. The P.E. department has always incorporated fitness into its lessons, but now we are adding even more ways to develop personal fitness awareness. Within class, various grades will incorporate fitness journals, fitness testing, computer based fitness assessments, and electronic game based activities.

In addition to P.E. class, students will have fitness lessons in our new fitness lab. The lab has been made possible thanks to a PEP grant given to Waxhaw Elementary. The lab has new equipment that includes, weighted balls, aerobic steps, yoga mats, and core stability balls.

During the course of the school year, Waxhaw will focus on improving the overall health and fitness levels of students in the 21st century. This will offer our students new opportunities to learn about and improve their personal fitness levels.

It’s great to be able to provide new and unique opportunities for our students to learn about lifelong fitness.  

“With the obesity epidemic ever worsening, it’s more important than ever to help our children develop good health and fitness habits at an early age. It’s just a great opportunity to be able to provide our kids with both Physical Education Lessons and Fitness lessons too”, commented Mr. O’Conner.

Written by: William O'Connor, PE teacher
Posted: Feb 01, 2012 by Kimberly Thomas

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