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Students Having Fun Learning

Aldair Torres is camouflaged quite well behind the bush. Maybe the other students will not find him so easily. This is an excellant learning example about "preditors" and "prey".

“The 4th grade students are studying animal adaptations as part of their science core curriculum,” said Ms. Cheryl Baum, 4th grade teacher. “This seems to be one unit the kids get really excited about.”

“I enjoy getting the students actively involved in what ever I am teaching,” said Baum. “It seems to give them a much better understanding and they enjoy learning.”

Recently, Ms. Baum’s 4th Grade science students became “predators” and “prey” in a unique version of “hide and seek.” The major purpose of the activity was for the students to understand the importance of adaptation to animals in order to survive in their environments.

After this activity, the students and their teacher discussed what made predators and prey successful. Were they quiet, clever, camouflaged, or good listeners? Then the students were asked to think about how they could change to be more successful predators and  prey. The lesson concluded with the students writing reflections about these questions in their science journals. Fourth grade students will continue their study of animal adaptations through February 10th.

Written by: Robin Pettit, Computer Technology Instrutor
Posted: Feb 01, 2012 by Robin Pettit

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