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Literacy and Globalization in Second Grade

Second grade student models an authentic Japanese Kimono

This year, the second graders at Waxhaw Elementary have spent their banked days enjoying some great literature while exploring other countries.

On the October banked day, we read aloud the book The Paper Crane by Molly Bang. The story is about an origami paper crane that comes to life. We read about the art of origami and learned about it being a form of art from Japan. We read about Japan, found it the map, and even took a virtual field trip to explore Japan. We tried on a komomo and made some of our own origami animals. Mrs. Burris arranged for us to have some visitors to our school who had lived in Japan. They taught us all about what kids our age in Japan ate and how their schools compared to ours. We even learned a few Japanese words!

On the November banked day, we read aloud the book Molly's Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen. The story is about a young girl and her family who immigrated from Russia to the United States. We read about the country and customs of Russia. We located Russia on the map and decided to take a virtual field trip there too. We were amazed and inspired by the beautiful sights of Russia. Mrs. Wearmouth brought in some beautiful Russian nesting dolls for us to admire and we were able to create our own set of Russian nesting dolls to take home with us.

We are looking forward to our next bank day. We can't wait to see what country, customs and literature we will explore next.

Written by: Susan Green, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 02, 2012 by Kimberly Thomas

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