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Barefoot for Samaritan's Feet

Pictured is basketball coach Phil Apple during the Bare Foot for Bare Feet game to support Samaritan's Feet.

As part of our global focus in 2012, Piedmont High School Student Government and National Art Honor Society students have brought awareness to our community in the first ever Barefoot for Bare Feet basketball game, which was an outreach event of Samaritan’s Feet. On Friday, January 13, Piedmont High and Union Academy basketball coaches coached in bare feet during their game to increase awareness of Samaritan’s Feet.

There are over 300 million children that have never owned a pair of shoes. Samaritan’s Feet founder, Emmanuel Ohonme was a Nigerian child who became inspired as a relief worker gave him his first pair of sneakers at the age of nine. To “Manny” those shoes became a symbol of hope and a catalyst to his love of basketball. As he eventually realized his life’s goal of playing collegiate basketball in the United States, Manny never forgot the children of his homeland and made a promise to give to others what had once been shared with him—the gift of a pair of shoes. By teaming with Samaritan’s Feet, and led by former PHS student and now coach, Dwight Williams, Piedmont High School became one of a legion of high schools, colleges, and universities that are learning the spirit of service to others every year through the program.

Piedmont High School celebrated the inaugural Barefoot for Bare Feet Campaign Friday, January 13, 2012 as Piedmont High basketball coaches worked in bare feet against Union Academy. Many thanks go to Coaches Philip Apple, Marie Coggin, Tom Florence, Mike Connelly, Bart Shartzer, Todd Gibson, and Dwight Williams as they worked tirelessly that evening on a very cold PHS gym floor! Piedmont is very grateful for the coaches at Union Academy who also pounded the floor to raise awareness for Samaritan’s Feet. Student Government Representative Taylor Iannerelli shared, “I never realized the power of a pair of shoes! I appreciate our coaches willingess to be a vehicle for awareness!”

Barefoot for Bare Feet is a movement of individuals and groups committed to involving others in accomplishing the goals of Samaritan’s Feet. The goal of sharing 10 million pairs of shoes with 10 million children in 10 years is one that will likely become a reality soon as over 3 million pairs have been collected. As Nike Ohomne of Samaritan’s Feet shared at the event during halftime, these shoes are far more than a fashion statement; they have become a symbol of hope to a person in need. At Barefoot for Bare Feet, students were given a free admission with the donation of a pair of shoes. Over 30 pairs of shoes were donated as well as monies sent via text to pay for the shoes travel from Unionville to Nigeria. If you would like to support the mission, text SHOES to 85944 and a $10 donation will be charged to your next phone bill.

Student Government Representative Matthew Griffin shared, “that he was shocked at how many shoes were shared. “ He added that, “I was proud of Piedmont for taking the initiative in global issues.”

Written by: Annette Harris, Student Government Advisor
Posted: Feb 03, 2012 by Donna Helms

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