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Becoming Meterologists

Students at weather station.

   Our fifth graders at Marshville  are learning about weather. We are learning about the water cycle and how it greatly affects the earth and weather in many ways. We recently visited our weather station outside that has several different tools that we will learn how to use to tell us the weather for the day and also over a period of time.  

   When students visit the weather station they are working in partners to read a thermometer, barometer, a rain gauge and a hygrometer, and how those things can help you tell or forecast the weather for the day. With the instruments students will be able to tell the daily weather and be able to tell if a frontal boundary is moving in and changing the weather within 24 hours. Students are also learning the difference between weather and climate and how climate is the weather over a period of time. With these instruments students will be able to keep a record of the weather over and period of time and chart their data to see what the climate is for Marshville during the months of February and March.

            When students were asked as to how the liked going out and working on the weather stations some of their responses were… “That it was fun”, “It was different, and better than taking notes”, and â€œit was nice to do some work outside.” The weather station was a great addition to our school this year, it helps students to put their new knowledge to practice.

Written by: Celena Johnson, 5th grade teacher
Posted: Feb 03, 2012 by Kerri Edwards

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