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Wacky Wednesday in Ms. Owens' Class

Alondra S. and Allysson N. look great!

On February 1, 2012 it was Wacky Wednesday!  Wacky is never too tacky!  We earned 24 green paws so the class voted.  Some other suggestions that we didn't do were thirty minutes of extra recess, toy day, and electronics day.

A way we earned the 24 paws was to be quiet in the hallways, do good in specials, and stand in a straight line.  When we finally earned the 24th paw we were excited!  Ms. Owens then had us come in after recess to talk about it.

Lindsey, Ciara, and Jordyn all had moustaches!  Hannah's moustache was on her foot!  Caitlyn had alien things on her head and a rabbit tail!  Lindsey had a multi-colored clown wig on.  In the morning, Ahjani didn't dress wacky so Casey told him to put his shoes on the incorrect feet and turn his top clothes inside out.  When he got to the classroom he got a permanent black marker and drew sideburns, a moustache, and a beard.  He put hand sanitizer all over his face.  That HAD to burn!  It was the wackiest Wednesday!

Written by: Ms. Owens' and Mrs. Lipscomb's Fifth Grade Classes
Posted: Feb 06, 2012 by Jodi McConkey

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