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Places I’ve always wanted to visit

 Mrs. Nance’s class created multimedia presentations on “Places I’ve always wanted to visit” that included Cuba, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, New Jersey, New York, and Paris. Each student shared their research with a PowerPoint presentation as well as their favorite cuisine unique to that place. Parents and staff members were invited to the end of the semester event.
Mrs. Nance, Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Uliano, worked together to plan this activity for the students. The project was motivational and helped students feel successful in presenting to a group. It also provided students an opportunity to become more familiar with using technology in the classroom.
The project began with each student choosing a place they would like to visit. They researched that place and created at least a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation including topics such as Climate, Transportation, Economy, Foods and Special Attractions. They added sound, color, or any artifacts they wished to enhance their presentation. Students were instructed to face the audience, speak clearly and make eye contact with the audience. Students from Mrs. Moore’s 2nd period drama class joined them every Friday to assist students with their PowerPoint presentations and to share their expertise on presenting in front of a group. Drama students assisted individual students in a group setting. A rubric of expectations for the project was created and after each practice session, comments and positive feedback were shared with students to refine their presentations.
Mrs. Nance said, it was wonderful to see students working together to ensure all involved were successful. She wanted to give special thanks to Mrs. Moore for allowing her students to join the group weekly. Mrs. Nance plans do this activity again next year.

Written by: Monica Nance, teacher
Posted: Feb 06, 2012 by Cheryl Edwards

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