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Globalization Night

Linda Williams poses with three of her second grade students in their traditional African costumes.

Students at East Elementary are learning to appreciate the many cultures of the world through our initiative to become a global school. They recognize that there are many differences and commonalities among the people living on this vast planet Earth. This year, each grade level has been studying countries on a particular continent. For instance, fifth grade classes study countries in Asia and fourth grade classes study European countries.

To showcase what the students have learned as well as celebrate the diversity of many cultures, the school Globalization Committee planned a family Globalization Night to be held on Thursday, February 2, 2012. After months of planning, the event was a huge success. At the beginning of the evening, parents visited various classrooms to see what their children were learning. The second grade classes, which have been studying the continent of Africa, demonstrated African games and displayed artifacts from African countries, such as musical instruments.

Next, a parade began, starting with the cafeteria and winding throughout the school. Mr. Medina, one of East Elementary’s P.E. teachers and who happens to be from Guatemala, served as the Grand Marshall for the parade. Several students representing each classroom marched in the parade wearing traditional costumes from many countries. Music from all over the world played over the intercom during the parade. Ms. McBride’s fourth graders, who have been studying Ireland all year, wore green and performed a Riverdance inspired Irish jig, much to the delight of onlookers. Second grade teacher Amanda Winburn, one of the staff members serving on the Globalization Committee, felt that everyone had a great time. “I would have to say that Globalization Night was a big hit,” stated Winburn. “There were an amazing number of people who attended.”

Written by: Lisa Bush, Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Feb 07, 2012 by Lisa Bush

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