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History Comes Alive for PR Students

Austin Moore & Medic J.D. Lawson

In January, students in Ms. Christina Wever's US History were given the opportunity to climb around in a helicopter used during the Vietnam Conflict.  Medic, J.D. Lawson and Pilot, Lynn Stevens, trailered in a helicopter to the PRHS parking lot so students could learn more about the Vietnam Conflict.  

Each student came prepared for the visit with two questions so that they could learn more about the veterans' experiences.  The two veterans travel around the country visiting air shows and rarely go to schools.

Jordyn Mills tries on a flak jacket

Jordyn Mills tried on a flak jacket used to protect pilots and medics from shrapnel.  She found the visit "really interesting" and says that she enjoys "personal stories about what happened since I didn't experience it."

Jordyn said she was surprised by how heavy the flak jacket was.  As a result of this experience, her new obsession is to learn to fly.


Written by: April Dawkins
Posted: Feb 08, 2012 by April Dawkins

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