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UCPS Assistant Principal of the Year Kim Warr Honored

CHS Assistant Principal of the Year Kim Warr receives recognition from Chairman of the Board of Education Dean Arp.

Assistant Principal Kim Warr was honored Tuesday evening, February 7, 2012, at the UCPS Board of Education meeting held at Sun Valley High School. Ms. Warr was recognized as the UCPS Assistant Principal of the Year. According to Principal Rob Jackson, “Ms. Warr's selection as Union County Assistant Principal of the Year was absolutely deserved. She is fully committed to our staff and students, giving deeply of herself for our school. She loves being a Cavalier and it shows.”

“Some in our school may not be aware of all that she does for other administrators across Union County,” continued Jackson. “She is a member of the UCPS Globalization Committee and spends time training staff members from other schools. She also conducts training for other administrators on the use of the GoogleDocs Classroom Walkthrough tool that we developed at CHS. She is a big part of our success because she clearly recognizes that the job of an administrator is to serve teachers and students, removing barriers to learning, and helping everyone succeed. I am very proud of Ms. Warr!"

Many CHS staff members attended the meeting to show support and pride of Ms. Warr. Ms. Sarah Stott, who is currently the CHS Teacher of the Year stated, “Ms. Warr is one of the best role models that I could possibly have. She has provided me with opportunities to present at different events and has helped me grow as a professional. She has tremendous faith in her staff and you know that thanks to her, you cannot fail at what you do. Ms. Warr's nomination the past two years was well deserved. She has worked hard to become an unbelievable Assistant Principal and is much deserving of being named UCPS AP of the Year.”

“I have worked under three principals and twelve assistant principals during my career as a teacher. Without question Kim Warr has had the biggest impact on my professional life whether it was through helping me with the national board process, giving suggestions to strengthen the curricular content of my course to better reach all students, or assisting me in formalizing my philosophy of teaching. I cannot think of a more deserving administrator of this award!” said Ms. Maya Schultz. Schultz was the 2010-2011 CHS Teacher of the Year and also the UCPS Teacher of the Year.

English teacher Mr. Michael Roark said, “Ms. Warr is incredibly deserving of the Assistant Principal of the Year award. Her passion for the instruction of students is evident in everything she does. Also, her positive attitude and upbeat spirit are always on display every day!” Ms. Rayan Tigani, also of the English Department, agreed that Ms. Warr has a passion for education. “She is so passionate about everything she does for our school. I cannot say enough about how much she has helped me through my first years of teaching. Under her leadership and guidance, I have become a better educator.”

Counselor Elenia Daniels said, “Reflecting back on my professional relationship with Ms. Warr, she was instrumental in my motivation to pursue an add-on licensure in Administration. Ms. Warr's leadership philosophy, love of learning, and enthusiasm for the application of online learning technology, supported my decision to challenge myself. Ms. Warr is efficient, results-driven, and helps cultivate Cuthbertson's remarkable learning environment!”

Ms. Warr – we are very proud of you and appreciate all you do for our school! Congratulations!

Written by: Paula White / Photo courtesy of UCPS Visual Communications Coordinator Arthur Rogers
Posted: Feb 09, 2012 by Paula White

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