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Electricity from Lemons? Who Knew?

As part of their science curriculum, the fourth graders here at Prospect Elementary have been learning about Magnets and Electricity. Students are discovering how to make light bulbs light and motors run with electricity from a D-cell battery. They are learning how to make series and parallel circuits as well. Parker Dearing, a student from Mrs. Pawlowski's class, was so excited about the unit that he went home to experiment on his own. Using zinc covered nails, some wires, copper pennies (from before 1972), and some lemons, he discovered how to make an LED light bulb light up. Who knew that placing the zinc and copper metals in the acid from the lemons would create electricity! We have quite the budding scientists here at Prospect!

Electric Lemons

Written by: Mrs. Pawlowski, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 09, 2012 by Airen Hartis

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