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Hurricane Katrina Experience

Mrs. Green talks about Hurricane Katrina


Second graders in Mrs. Griffin’s class recently enjoyed a presentation about how Hurricane Katrina affected New Orleans in 2005. Cynthia Green, a New Orleans native and parent of Tia Green, spoke to the class about the category 5 hurricane that devastated the area and lives of the people who lived there. Mrs. Green had numerous family members affected by the tragedy. The students were very interested to hear Mrs. Green’s stories about how her mother was missing for a week and about her father-in-law deciding to return to New Orleans.         
      The students learned about how the geography of the area contributed to the disaster. Mrs. Green discussed why people settled in the area many, many years ago. She also talked about why people have chosen to continue living in New Orleans. Strong culture and traditions were of interest to the students. 
      As part of the second grade social studies curriculum, students discuss the role of government in society. Mrs. Green talked about how the government played a part in warning the people of the impending disaster and what the government did while the tragedy was taking place. Second graders also learned about how people help each other and work together. Mrs. Green told about how ten people were living in her house at one time here in Marshville as she and her family tried to help other family members.
     The students were able to understand how places near and far are both similar and different from their lives.

Written by: Michelle Griffin
Posted: Feb 10, 2012 by Kerri Edwards

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