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Calling All Characters!

It was Character Day in Mrs. Spencer's second grade class on Friday, February 10th.  In reading and writing the children have been learning about characters from some of their favorite books.  It was amazing to listen to children talk about their favorite book characters.  Since they have learned so much it was easy to become their character for the day.  To begin with each child choose their favorite character.  Then they dressed the part.  When they got to class they created new nameplates on their desk so everyone would know who they were.  Finally each child got up in front of the class.  When they did this they showed their book and told all of the best features about their character.  Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Aiello joined in on the fun too with two characters from the book Ruby the Copycat.  Way to go Mrs. Spencer's stars! 

Written by: Kim Spencer
Posted: Feb 13, 2012 by Jeff Aten

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