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Author John Claude Bemis to Visit Rea View Elementary

Rea View Elementary welcomed John Claude Bemis to the school on Friday, February 17.  Each grade attended an assembly with the author and learned many new writing strategies!

North Carolina native, John Claude Bemis is a teacher who lives with his family in Hillsborough, NC. In addition to being a writer, John is also a musician who found inspiration for his fiction in old-time country and blues music and the Southern folklore at its heart. To learn more about John Claude Bemis and his books, please visit www.johnclaudebeamis.com 

The Clockwork Dark series is set in a mythical 19th-century America full of magical performers, mermaid-like sirens, monstrous mechanical hounds, and legends come to life. Bemis has drawn upon America’s rich folklore to create fast-paced fantasy adventure novels that will appeal to both boys and girls. The Nine Pound Hammer: Book 1 of the Clockwork Dark (Random House) is the winner of the NC AAUW Juvenile Literature Award, a New York Public Library Best Book 2009, and is nominated for this year’s North Carolina Children’s Book Award. The adventures continue in The Wolf Tree and The White City!

“Bemis’ debut will shock and amaze… A steampunk collision of heroes, mermaids, pirates, and good old-fashioned Americana.” ~ Booklist

Written by: Diann Harvey
Posted: Feb 13, 2012 by Diann Harvey

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