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How technology has changed the way we work

Second grade was pleased to welcome Mrs. Strawn, a friend of our own Mrs. McClain, to Union Elementary this past month. Mrs. Strawn played an integral role in helping students to understand changes in technology over the years. Students observed how technology has improved the art of Embroidery. Students were able to see how generations of stitch working men and woman have become faster and more effective at their craft by means of technology.

During the presentation, 2nd graders were first introduced to the various tools used for sewing and embroidery that have developed and improved through the years. Students walked through history, learning about hand stitching, push pedal sewing machines, electric sewing machines, and the computer operated embroidery machine. Mrs. Strawn showed students how technology has made her craft more efficient. Students watched as the old fashioned hand stitching method tried, in vain, to beat the new and more efficient electric sewing machine. Then students looked on as the embroidery machine worked a beautiful design into cloth by using a computer, no hand work required.

The visit from Mrs. Strawn was a wonderful addition to our Technology Unit, bringing to life how technology has effected generations of people. Students learned how technology has been major in the world of sewing and embroidery and then were able to relate that to other professions and hobbies. Our team was thrilled to have the opportunity to integrate real world application and experience into our Social Studies lessons. 


Written by: Michelle Pollman, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Feb 16, 2012 by Jennifer Williams

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